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i am party
*Stares at picture of Krist Novoselic shirtless with window open and a berry nest on my head and muffled Requiem for a Dream playing in the distance*

anderperry sent: all da symbols honey

♪ - song you’re listening to- Taste you-Auf Der Maur
♥ - crush- Krist image
✔ - single or taken-im dating every1(rlly im single) ((but ana is my main bitch))
✖ - virgin/not virgin- private hhAhA
☀ - sexual orientation- im not sure what label it is omg i just love every1 i would date anybody if i liked them
✌-favorite color- is ana a color
✄ - height/weight- 5’5” and 128lbs
✞ - religious views- i dont really have any idk i just think ghosts are real if that counts
☠ - worst way to die in your opinion- in the hospital bc u like know its coming
✰ - bestfriend- omfg how can i pick between ana and steph jfc but i sed ana for a lot so im gonna say steph
☢ - drink/smoke/drugs- i drink, and just smoke weed haha right on, but i dont smoke cigarettes
❅ - favorite season- winter

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